PSW Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd provides electrical, mechanical, electronic and project management consulting engineering services

PSW offers consulting engineering services in the fields of electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering disciplines.

Since commencing operation in 2003 PSW has been involved in many projects.  Our reference list is available on request.  By being personally involved and totally committed, the best service is rendered to clients.  Our involvement can include all stages of a project or be tailored to the client’s needs depending on specific requirements.The project stages are as following:

  • Client briefing and determination of requirements
  • Literature surveys and relevant project research
  • Detailed technical analysis and software simulation, where necessary
  • Confirmatory on-site field measurements in the case of radio path and coverage studies
  • Detailed cost estimates on proposed configurations
  • Reporting and determination of final systems design
  • Tender documentation and specifications
  • Tender adjudication and assistance with appointment of contractor/s
  • Technical and financial project management
  • Final systems handover and end-user training
  • Assistance with systems maintenance functions
  • Assistance with software optimisation and configuration

Comprehensive project and engineering services are provided in order to assist clients in achieving overall optimum systems solutions.


Mechanical services include:

Energy Research and Energy Management, this involves designing systems and services in buildings and industries for the optimisation in the use of energy. Sophisticated computer simulation programmes are utilised in evaluating energy saving methods and computer control systems are applied to attain the energy saving targets.

Lifts and Escalator Installations; Fire-fighting Installations which include automatic sprinkler, fire, pump and gas installations as well as the supply of fire hydrant and hose reels.

Mechanical Handling Equipment which include coal handling, grain handling and ash removal.

Air-conditioning installations which include Centralised and Packaged Air Conditioning Systems for shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, computer rooms, industrial applications, board rooms and auditoriums.

Ventilation and evaporative cooling installations as well as refrigeration installations, cold-storage and freezer rooms including ammonia and ice storage systems.

Extraction Installations which include dust, fume and kitchen extraction systems as well as fume cupboards.

Hospital and Laboratory Services which include medical gasses, vacuum, steam and boiler installations and specialised gasses.

Piping and pump stations which include domestic water and fire services, water purification and sewerage plants.

Heating Installations which include hot water storage and heat pump systems

Project Management

Project Management services that PSW Consulting Engineers provide include the following:

  • Definition of actual requirements
  • Scheduling and programming of design activities
  • Programming, control and corrective action during construction
  • Quality assurance
  • Handing over and acceptance procedures
  • Cost control and reporting
  • Training and operation

Let Us Help You!  We provide the full spectrum of Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Consulting Engineering Services

Our Services

A more in depth view of our services that we offer


Our engineering and design teams produce primary and secondary plant designs as well as design of systems and services in buildings and industries for the optimisation in the use of energy.


Assisting with planning of municipal and other distribution systems, project planning to ensure that projects undertaken are completed within the determined timeframe, detailing the defined stages and designated resources.


Development of systems and processes to improve electrical reticulation networks as well as designing systems and services in buildings and industries for energy usage optimisation.


Our mechanical engineering services include design of heating ventilation and air-conditioning, refrigeration, electrical distribution, lighting design as well as building management systems.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are undertaken to determine how successfully a project can be completed, accounting for the affects of economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy applications include photovoltaic, heat pump, ice storage and energy recovery to meet energy consumption and cost targets.


We offer electronic engineering services which include the design of electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, microcontrollers and other systems for various applications.

Project Management

We offer project management services which includes developing project plans, defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, how they will be achieved, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed as well as determining budgets and timelines for completion.

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